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We are extremely honored that you contacted us to manage your event. With each event, we understand that the responsibility is enormous and that’s why we assure you will find a complete commitment towards fulfilling your event requirements with us. We will accommodate the best proposal, developed according to your budget and your specifications. We will also offer you a...

Why Us

  • Thorough and Conscientious Planning

    Royal Ballroom takes pride in its thorough and conscientious planning methodology. Choosing us for your event means entrusting it to a team with a meticulous approach to every detail. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure a comprehensive and well-thought-out plan, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the success of your event

  • Customized Proposals Within Your Budget

    We understand that every event is unique, and budgets vary. Royal Ballroom is committed to accommodating the best proposal tailored to your specific requirements and financial considerations. Our flexibility ensures that you get the most value for your budget, without compromising on the quality of services provided.

  • Versatile Catering, Lighting, & Design Options

    Royal Ballroom offers a wide variety of options for catering, lighting, design, and more. Our commitment to providing a range of choices ensures that your event is not only well-planned but also reflects your style and preferences. Whether it's exquisite catering, innovative lighting setups, or elegant design elements, we have the expertise to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Expertise Across Various Event Types

    With a proven track record in orchestrating unforgettable experiences for weddings, concerts, workshops, corporate events, quinceañera & sweet sixteen celebrations, and international events, Royal Ballroom brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Our versatility allows us to adapt to the unique requirements of different event types, ensuring a seamless and successful execution.

  • Experienced Event Manager Linda Nguyen

    At the helm of Royal Ballroom is Linda Nguyen, an experienced professional with a rich background in the Culinary and Event Management Industries. Linda's impressive career includes over 40 medals for her accomplishments, and she has successfully managed major banquets at prestigious establishments. Her expertise and leadership guarantee that your event will be in capable hands, providing you with the assurance of top-notch event management. Choosing Royal Ballroom means gaining access to a dedicated team, personalized service, diverse options, and the assurance of a successful and memorable event.


Quick answers about our services, pricing, and more

  • What are your areas of expertise?

    We handle both commercial and personal events from start to finish. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, including product launches, conferences, company award evenings, as well as celebratory birthdays, weddings, and anniversary events. With experience across diverse business sectors, we are pleased to offer references and testimonials.

  • What are your fees?

    We will discuss all your event requirements before providing a quotation. The fees charged will depend on the scale and nature of the event, the complexity of planning, and our level of involvement. We will maintain open communication regarding our time and hours spent, and collaborate with you on specific items. Moreover, we will work within your budget and plan accordingly. You will never be charged more than the agreed-upon amount, and there will be no hidden extras or surprises.

  • Why do i need event planning?

    Our experienced event planners save you both time and money. We will source reputable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best rates, discounts, terms, and conditions on your behalf, and seamlessly coordinate all aspects of your event. Utilizing an event planner not only relieves you of stress and worry but also provides you with the peace of mind to fully enjoy your event.

  • What's the difference between event design & event planning?

    Event design and event planning work hand in hand to deliver a successful event. Event design focuses on bringing your event to life with appropriate colors, themes, seating, etc., while event planning coordinates the logistical elements and budget management. Events by Royal Ballroom offers tailor-made events, incorporating both event design and event planning to create the perfect, customized experience.

  • What is your refund and cancellation policy?

    We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and if you need a refund for a canceled event, please discuss this with your event planner at the earliest opportunity, before additional services and products are ordered. Our policies will be thoroughly discussed before entering into contracts, and in the unfortunate event of a cancellation, we will work closely with you. We believe it's crucial for all parties to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities, fostering professionalism and maintaining positive relationships with loyal vendors and suppliers. Our goal is to ensure our customers are always delighted with our service. As event planning specialists, we fully comprehend your concerns and are here to address any questions you may have, putting your mind at ease.

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